Virtual Reality technology has matured and is now used in numerous industrial and research applications, from the car industry to pre-surgery planning. Reading Visualization Centre (RVC) at the University provides a wide range of different options from data visualization to Collaborative Virtual Environments. The School of Systems Engineering is seeking partners from other research disciplines and industry to develop collaborative research prop osals involving any of the following:

  • Scientific data visualization

  • Modelling of virtual environments

  • E-Science visualization of huge data sets

  • Training

  • Collaborative working over distance

  • Integrated virtual reality and haptics (touch/force feedback)

If any of these areas are of interest, or if there are any areas of potential collaboration not mentioned, please contact either

Prof Vassil N. Alexandrov
Director of ACET


Prof. Paul Sharkey
School Director of Research (Cybernetics)


Please contact the Webmaster with questions or comments.