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Conference Proceedings

A H Al-Khalifah , R J McCrindle , V N Alexandrov : " Different Medical Modelling Strategies in a Single Collaborative Immersive Virtual Environment ", Vision, Video, and Graphics (2005), (Eurographics 2005, ISBN 3-905673-57-6). Edinburgh. 7-8 July 2005, pp. 77-84. (2005)

A H Al-Khalifah , R J McCrindle , V N Alexandrov : " Combined Implementation of Different Medical Modelling Techniques in a Collaborative Immersive Virtual Environment ", The 2005 International Conference on Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Methods (MSV'05), Las Vegas, Ne vada, June 27-30 (2005)

A H Al-Khalifah , R J McCrindle , V N Alexandrov : " Different Modelling Approaches for Medical Applications in CAVE Collaborative Virtual Environments ", Central European Multimedia and Virtual Reality Conference 2005 (Eurographics 2005), 8-10 June 2005, Prague, Czech Republic , pp. 169-170. (2005)

D J Roberts , M Al-Liabi, R Wolff, O Otto, A H Al-Khalifah : " Reducing Fragmentation in Telecollaboration by Using IPT Interfaces ", (Immer sive Projection Technology) IPT & EGVE Workshop (2005), Denmark, Oct. 6 - 7 (2005)

A M Haffegee , R Jamieson , C Anthes, V N Alexandrov : " Tools For Collaborative VR Application Development ", ICCS (2005)

A H Al-Khalifah , R Wolff, V N Alexandrov , D J Roberts : " Case study: Interacting wi th Volumetric Medical Datasets in Networked CAVE Environments ", The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), Electronic Imaging 2005 (2005)

C Anthes, P Heinzlreiter, A M Haffegee , J Volkert : " Message Traffic in a Distributed Virtual Environment for Close-Coupled Collaboration ", P roc. of 17 International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing, San Francisco. (2004)

A H Al-Khalifah , D J Roberts : " Survey of modelling approaches for medical simulators ", The International Conference Series on Disability , Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies (2004)

Journal Articles

C Anthes, A Haffegee, P Heinzlreiter, J Volkert, "A scalable network architecture for close coupled collaboration"; Computing & Informati cs, 2005, Volume 1.

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